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Meridian Group International

Meridian Group International

Meridian IT Australia is part of Meridian Group International, an organization with a foundation in lease financing, technology, and customer satisfaction.

Meridian Group leverages a wide portfolio of business offerings and a world-class team of experts to optimize the strategic value of IT investments. Since 1979, Meridian Group has experienced continuous profitability and global growth to support customers anytime, anywhere.

We could be an ordinary value-added reseller – instead we are an extraordinary business partner. To our experience, technology, and finance foundation we add integrity and innovation to offer the solutions your organization needs to accelerate performance.

Meridian Group International is a highly regarded organization specializing in IT infrastructure, security and compliance, cloud/hosting, mobility, unified communications, social business, and equipment lease financing.

We invite you take advantage of any – or all – of our expertise available through the knowledge, equipment and core strengths of each of our companies: Meridian Leasing, Meridian IT Inc., Meridian IT United Kingdom, Concat AG (Germany), Meridian IT Australia, Meridian IT Singapore, Meridian IT India, Meridian IT Hong Kong, Meridian IT China, and Meridian IT Canada. Partner with Meridian Group and let us put our competitive advantages immediately to work for you.

After several key purchases and acquisitions over the past 10 years, Meridian Group is a highly regarded organization of companies that share similar ideologies and complementary business offerings. To be sure, there is strength in numbers. When you partner with Meridian Group, we put our combined resources and competitive advantages immediately to work for you.