Fairfield City Council Case Study

Are you ready for the
data-driven revolution?

Fairfield City Council is now backing up more data at
dramatically lower costs, in minutes rather than days.

Fairfield City Council's data is growing at a phenomenal rate - by one terabyte every quarter. It needed a robust and cost-effective solution that could backup and restore the sheer volume of its data. The Council turned to Meridian IT to transform a messy, costly backup process into one that's streamlined and resilient using IBM Spectrum Protect. So how did the Council's data transformation journey begin, and what benefits has it delivered?

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What will you learn?

  • Streamline your data and unlock its value
  • Achieve huge backup savings
  • Increase productivity through automation

Why IBM Spectrum Protect?

  • IBM Spectrum Protect provides scalable data protection. It can consolidate, backup and restore physical and virtual systems via a single, easy-to-use data protection platform
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides near-instant data recovery and supports massive data growth, managed form everywhere

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