Partners: Veeam

Speak to a Veeam reseller in Sydney before it’s too late.

Veeam is a Swiss IT company that specialises in data backup and disaster recovery, including valuable monitoring and reporting tools for virtual infrastructure. Founded in 2006, the company has grown from just ten employees back in 2008 to 1200 employees in 17 offices in 2014. This is testament to their ability to innovate and respond to real backup management needs at all different levels.

As a Veeam reseller we work with a variety of clients both before and after critical events. Our experts specialise in applying Veeam solutions to unique backup and disaster recovery requirements. In combination with hardware developers and manufacturers such as HP and VMware, Veeam ensures that both security storage and recovery in the event of an incident are seamless. Whether you are optimising an existing data backup protocol or protecting information for the first time, there is a Veeam product for you.

We work closely with the local team at Veeam in Sydney to deliver outstanding client service and close consultation with the companies we serve.

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