Ditching the junk for a cause

We may spend our time dreaming up ways to tackle IT dilemmas, but sometimes the challenges are of an entirely different nature. When one of our customers needed another kind of support, the Meridian IT team rose to the occasion by embracing Junk Free June.

The Junction Works supports some of Australia’s most disadvantaged families, and Meridian is proud to help them. Normally, this is in the form of reliable and very cost-effective IT solutions, but this June it wasn’t just our technical skills that were in demand. Meridian’s team each committed to ditching an unhealthy habit for the entire month.

Junk Free June is The Junction Works’ annual fundraising campaign that raises money for its Living Skills program and Respite House. The campaign encourages participants to become more aware of their health and raise funds at the same time.

For some Meridian team members the challenge was an increase in activity, ranging from daily walking to gruelling gym workouts. Others chose to give something up, with at least one taking the extraordinary step of giving up chocolate!

“The Junction Works has been a client of both Meridian IT and IBM for seven years and they do amazing work supporting young adults with disabilities. Giving up chocolate was tough, but we are very happy to help their fundraising efforts, and we even helped our own health at the same time,” said Aggie Grom, Meridian IT Business Development Manager.

While the team has completed their Junk Free June challenges, it isn’t too late to contribute to The Junction Works’ excellent programs. Donations can be made here – and you don’t even have to give up Cherry Ripes to help!

For more about The Junction Works, visit their website. http://thejunctionworks.org/

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