Power Up with Power 8

Big Data has met its match with IBM Power 8

Power 8, the first generation of hardware designed for big data in the cloud, can manage your data requirements with unprecedented speed.

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Big Data has met its match with IBM Power 8

The Power 8 processor contains many new performance features, such as support for eight hardware threads in each core and support for transactional memory. Because Power 8 is a strict superset of IBM Power 7+, all of the performance features, such as multiple page sizes, still appear in Power 8.

This sliver of silicon, that measures just one square inch, has the power to transform your business.

  • Optimise analytics and big data with increased core throughput at single thread, SMT2, SMT4, and SMT8 level and more robust multi-socket scaling. Get insights up to 50 times faster!
  • Enhance cloud efficiency through higher capacity cache hierarchy, enhanced memory bandwidth, dynamic code optimisation, and virtual memory management.
  • Enable open innovation on POWER with a Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI), agnostic memory interface and open system software.

Power 8 Highlights:

  • Four times faster than the previous generation
  • First Linux-based ecosystem
  • Superior cloud economics
  • The industry-first CAPI port: allows for accelerators, GPUs, flash memory, networking, FPGAs to connect directly to process sharing same address space to increase performance, decrease latency for more workload for your dollar

IBM is committed to providing higher-value, open technologies to businesses. They invested $2.4 billion, three-plus years of development, and hundreds of IBM patents to launch the new Power 8-based Power Systems. With multiple Power options to choose from, Meridian IT can help you determine the system that's right for your business.

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PCI compliance with improved encryption key management

PCI compliance with improved encryption key managementWith the IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager, encryption key management is centralised and simplified, providing PCI compliance, ease-of-use and improved security.

Addressing the common challenges around key sharing for transmission or storage of cardholder data, Tivoli’s innovative solution federates encryption key management across IT solutions, operational silos and potentially the whole enterprise, greatly simplifying management complexities.

Management costs are reduced while overall data security is increased. And by giving administrators command over keys at every stage in their lifecycle – from initialisation and activation through to management, expiration and destruction – these benefits can be extended over time too.

Discover how the IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager can help lock down organisational data more comprehensively than ever before.

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Cutting the cost of consolidation: An exclusive offer from DataWeave

Oracle Services Partner DataWeave are helping to reduce the cost of consolidating your infrastructure. In fact, with the savings that result from DataWeave’s free licence optimisation service, your infrastructure consolidation could end up paying for itself.

Oracle database and middleware licensing is based on the number of CPU cores it is installed on. This means that by minimising your CPU core footprint, you can generate efficiencies that result in significant cost savings and benefits for your business.

These include:

  • Reduced licence and support costs
  • Lower operations costs
  • Improved infrastructure management

DataWeave are offering a free licence optimisation service. This service provides valuable estimates of licence savings through rationalisation and consolidation, assisting in business case justification.

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