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You can rely on us to take care of the ‘everyday’, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture

End-to-end solutions from the infrastructure experts

With Meridian IT's expert management of your IT infrastructure, you can rely on us to take care of the ‘everyday’, leaving you to focus on the bigger picture – the major IT issues of your organisation.

Our partnerships with a wide range of vendors mean we are equipped to assist you with all your infrastructure challenges. We understand how best to maximise your environment and deliver end-to-end solutions to improve the efficiency and performance of your business operations.

From managing core infrastructure to increasing productivity across your organisation, we are experienced in working with organisations to support, maintain and ultimately improve their operations. With a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions products – and partnerships with high-profile vendors – we deliver lasting value to your business.

Case Study

Inco Ships

As a shipping company, Inco Ships has planned maintenance processes in place for vessel machinery and equipment. This was not the case for its previous IT system. Breakdowns were a regular occurrence and the approach was reactive – wait for something to break, then fix it. There were security issues, reliability problems, costs were escalating and the issues were taking up valuable management time.

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