Why Infrastructure Still Matters

The cloud era has been exciting, and the offerings have certainly matured over the last year or two, so why are we still talking about infrastructure. After all, who needs their own data centre these days?

The fact is, infrastructure still has an enormous role to play. Most organisations are using cloud in some way already, whether for a niche software option or to give them great DR without extra hardware. Cloud definitely extends options in a very straightforward, flexible and easily managed way. In reality, though, very few outside the smallest businesses or start-ups have elected to do everything cloud.

Retaining infrastructure in-house gives you a level of control that can be very useful. You get to set it up exactly how you want it in the way that is designed to suit your organisation. Not every application is ideally suited to the available cloud options, and in-house you have a better chance of optimising performance the way you want. When there is a problem – because certainly, major cloud providers have had well-publicised downtime – you are certainly best positioned to prioritise which services need to be restored first for your own organisation.

This is certainly not an argument against cloud – in fact, many of our customers depend on us for capturing the utmost advantage from the various ‘as a service’ options. Our cloud experts are among Australia’s most knowledgeable and experienced – which is why they will never blindly recommend cloud for absolutely everything. To balance that, our infrastructure specialists will always be quick to recommend where they believe your data centre will be enhanced by using cloud solutions for certain workloads.

In terms of cost, we certainly talk a lot about the benefit of avoiding capital expenditure in favour of steady, predictable monthly costs. It is one of cloud’s most sought-after advantages, and definitely allows for flexibility. If in-house infrastructure is right for your organisation, though, there are plenty of often overlooked alternatives that can help you to get the best of both worlds. Smart organisations are now demanding far more tailored managed services options, and many of our customers use this to shift to operational expenditure while keeping much tighter control. Even today’s more favourable leasing and financing possibilities are worth exploring with your technology partner as a way of designing payment methods to suit.

Of course, no discussion would be complete without mentioning data sovereignty and the compliance or legislative requirements you might encounter. Knowing exactly where your data resides is essential, especially in some of the more tightly controlled sectors such as health, finance and government. There are certainly still cloud options that can work, but they need to be researched carefully with this issue in mind.

For more information about creating the blend of infrastructure and cloud that best suits your business, contact Meridian IT’s team of specialists.