Business Intelligence

Is your business intelligent enough?

If your business is still making decisions based on spreadsheets or 'gut feel', then the answer is 'probably not'. Today, access to real-time or near-real-time information is crucial. Rapid four-dimensional data sorts will get the answers you require to make the decisions your business needs to grow... but once you've made the choice to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, your choices multiply.

Which software vendor is best for your infrastructure? What hardware will you need? What is the most cost-effective method to get you from where you are now to a point at which all your business decisions are trustworthy, based on accurate, repeatable data? How soon will you see a return on your investment and what kind of a return will that be?

Data consolidation is the first step on your BI path and Meridian IT is the consolidation expert. We know how to deliver the control and flexibility required to manage your business intelligence applications while improving your operational performance and protecting your greatest asset – your information. We partner with several leading edge Business Intelligence software providers to ensure that your BI solution is optimal for your environment, rather than trying to make one solution fit every organisation.

Good decision making – from having good visibility into good information – builds successful businesses. If growth is important to you, Meridian IT can help you create a Business Intelligence environment that adds visibility, reduces risk and scales as you grow, giving you the results you need at an affordable cost.