Disaster Recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery services delivering protection and peace of mind

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The marketplace can be very unforgiving. If you are out of business for a couple of days, customers may be forced to go elsewhere – and once they form a relationship with another supplier, they may not come back.
Peter McNally, KPMG

In today's networked environment, data and application availability are critical for the continued operation of every business. Any network downtime can extract high costs from your business in both time and money. Yet recent research has found that far too few businesses have an IT disaster recovery plan to cope with an emergency such as fire, natural disaster or power loss.

As DRaaS providers, Meridian IT's disaster recovery solutions, part of our business continuity offering, are designed to enable the recovery of core business applications running on Intel or IBM Power (UNIX) servers in the event of an interruption to business. Our IT Disaster Recovery Test regime restores your systems into a virtualised Windows or AIX environment for your testing. In the event of a disaster, Meridian IT can provide a working virtual environment to your site or remote access to get you up and running again... fast.

An individually tailored IT disaster recovery plan from Meridian IT, designed to your specifications and budget, gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business is protected against the data loss that unforeseen outages can cause. Our plan also helps your company meet the increasing burden of regulatory compliance in this area by providing auditable proof of regular recovery testing.

A typical agreement can include:

  • Design of disaster recovery procedure on a system by system basis
  • Documentation of disaster recovery procedures
  • Storage of disaster recovery related materials
  • Management of tape delivery to Meridian IT's premises in Sydney
  • Tape recovery at Meridian IT's premises
  • Validation of tape
  • Validation of disaster recovery procedure
  • VPN Access by your staff for validation of system recovery
  • Update of disaster recovery documentation and procedure
  • Our service-based offering ensures that the entire disaster recovery process is fully tested from start to finish. The simple restoration process is completely documented and guarantees to deliver a restored system on an operational Intel/Power server within one business day*.

* Standard restoration time unless otherwise stated in the contract.