Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management

Guard against threats from end to end with one solution

Endpoint Management

Unreliable antivirus signature deployment, fleets of mobile devices, changing security and operations standards, server virtualisation issues, spiralling costs... the enterprise-wide business challenges are numerous and serious. Meridian IT offers effective risk management through our comprehensive Endpoint Management Solution.

Endpoint Management Overview

Utilising the skills of our cross-platform infrastructure architects and experienced subject matter experts, Meridian IT creates an extensible, holistic, end-to-end management environment for customers.

Enpoint Flowchart infographic

Meridian IT's Endpoint Management solution manages the security and compliance of servers, desktops, offsite laptops, tablets and more. See and manage your company's physical and virtual endpoints.

  • An information gathering session with our architects and your team to discuss your current infrastructure and systems
  • Complete analysis of your business requirements
  • Access to our skilled experts during all phases of the project

  • Customised solution development leveraging best-of-breed software to include only the features you need to achieve your business goals
  • A fully managed deployment and rollout
  • Professional handover to your support personnel with training on day-to-day system usage