Backup as a Service for GovDC

Backup as a Service (BaaS) for GovDC

System failures, natural disasters, theft, accidental file deletions, human errors in tape management... While none of these threats are predictable, the protection can be.

Meridian IT Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a resilient, cloud-based backup and recovery service that provides peace of mind from knowing that your critical data is backed up securely and your business is protected against an unexpected data loss. All data backups can be quickly validated to ensure the data is being backed up properly and meets data protection regulations.

​For companies using a tape system, Backup as a Service offers significant advantages. This service can eliminate the hassle of managing tapes, the stress over unvalidated backups, and the risks of human error that stems from so many people being involved in the laborious process. Even if your business utilises the Cloud, Meridian IT can help you evaluate current costs and efficiencies to ensure the backup system meets data protection regulations, as well as the needs of your business.

Meridian IT BaaS offers a number of benefits to our clients:

  • ​Secured data. Gain the highest levels of protection with bank-grade encryption and world-class data centers.
  • Cost savings. Save the cost of using a tape backup – from the cost of tape drives and media, to storage and labour.
  • Optimised storage footprint. Online backup offers compression and data de-duplication that takes place at the front and end of the solution, reducing bandwidth consumption and footprint.
  • ​Greater flexibility. Service can be scaled as your data needs change, reducing your capital expenditure.