Storage as a Service for GovDC

A secure and flexible platform to store, manage and protect your data

As the NSW State Government takes a new approach to making ICT readily available, all agencies are required to move to GovDC by August 2017.

To simplify this transition, the Meridian IT Storage as a Service (STaaS) offering is an enterprise class service that allows any public body* defined by the NSW Government to store their data securely within GovDC.

​STaaS is available through Meridian IT via a flexible subscription model to meet your data management requirements:

Table for Storage Tier and Suitable details

​Advanced add-on features allow you to leverage Meridian IT’s STaaS to generate even greater value for your organization:

Table for Add Ons and Features

​With STaaS, extend your data environment into GovDC’s Managed Services Backbone (MSB) or Cloud Connect feature. In this way, you can take advantage of Meridian IT’s advanced data managed capabilities and leverage cloud scale compute resources at the same time.

  • Stay compliant and in control. Data is stored in a secure multi-tenanted environment within GovDC keeping it in your ownership and control. All data also resides within the borders of NSW to ensure compliance with data sovereignty policies as outlined by the NSW Government.​
  • Predictable costs. Avoid bill shock through a predictable cost model defined by a STaaS subscription which defines purchased tier, term, capacity, and extra services selections. That way, you know what you can expect to pay month to month for your data management needs.
  • Flexibility like no other. ​Unlike many cloud providers, there is no cost to add or remove data to your Storage-as-a-Service subscription. You can also choose to move from one Storage Tier to another without a change fee. With STaaS, you are not locked into a particular platform, so you can accommodate any data requirements from short-term projects through to entire platform upgrades or longer term archive at any time.