Innovative infrastructure to build your business

  • Hardware
  • Software and Solutions
  • IBM Power System (UNIX)
  • IBM Power System (AS400)
  • IBM System x (Wintel) and BladeCenter (Intel, AMD and Power)
  • IBM Storage
  • IBM Retail Solutions


  • Power Systems – including virtualisation
  • Storage – Virtualisation (SVC), Midrange Disk (DS4000) and N series
  • IBM BladeCenter – including Intel, AMD and Power Blades

Software and Solutions

  • Total Productivity Centre – TPC
  • Tivoli Storage Manager – TSM
  • Tivoli Monitoring
  • IBM Director
  • VMware
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Energy and power management

IBM Power System (UNIX)

  • Design, configure and implement new systems and upgrades, including virtualisation (VIOS), HACMP for High Availability and HMC features as well as enterprise multiple LPAR configurations
  • Support on AIX versions
  • Design appropriate storage solution for Power System, from internal disk to external storage and SAN solutions

IBM Power System (AS400)

  • Design and implement new systems and upgrades, including features for virtualisation (LPARs) and High Availability (HA) solution
  • Disaster Recovery plan creation and testing
  • Capacity planning and performance monitoring
  • Support on i5/OS
  • i5/OS version and PTF upgrades
  • Client connectivity advice and implementation
  • Backup and recovery, including BRMS
  • Web server and application server configuration

IBM System x (Wintel) and BladeCenter (Intel, AMD and Power)

  • Design and implement new systems and upgrades, including VMware virtualisation solutions, HA and Disaster Recovery
  • Design appropriate storage solution for System x and BladeCenter
  • Design Power blade solutions which now cover AIX, Linux and i5/OS
  • Windows Terminal Services, Clustering, Citrix, Red Hat, Notes, Exchange, SQL

IBM Storage

  • Best practice design and implementation of new disk storage systems and upgrades
  • Design aided by utilisation of tools like Disk Magic
  • Virtualisation solutions incorporating SAN Volume Controller (SVC) configured
  • Entire IBM storage range covered from small through to enterprise solutions; plus the N series range of network attached storage
  • Solutions for advanced copy functions and replication configured
  • Total Productivity Storage Centre (TPC) advanced storage management capability across heterogeneous storage environments
  • New tape storage systems designed and implemented, from small single LTO to enterprise tape libraries with multiple drives and frames

IBM Retail Solutions

  • Meridian IT is actively engaged with the IBM Retail Store Solution (RSS) offerings. Fully certified in the RSS products, Meridian IT designs, procures and implements RSS offerings and associated peripherals plus AnyPlace Kiosk.