Storage as a Service (StaaS)

Storage as a Service (StaaS)

Store and access your data more cost-effectively

Storage as a Service (StaaS)

With fluctuating storage volumes, need for data retention for compliance, and virtualisation driving complexity and costs,companies are looking for new storage solutions. As a managed services provider with proven cloud technology, Meridian IT offers Storage as a Service (Staas) to alleviate the burden and high costs associated with data storage.

StaaS Overview

The Meridian IT storage offering leverages IBM high-end enterprise storage infrastructure and some of the most skilled and certified storage administrators in the industry to provide a high reliability, high performance solution.

StaaS from Meridian IT is a flexible solution; you can supplement your current environment or migrate your entire production data onto our services at once. Your data never traverses a publicly accessible network link. All of our administrators are in country and your data remains secure at all times.

The storage we provide is truly thin provisioned. To ensure cost effectiveness, Meridian IT will define a target quality of service for your systems and monitor adherence to these targets. Our simple per TB per month option enables you to start small and grow organically beyond the confines of your current storage system.

  • Complete analysis of your current infrastructure and systems
  • Thin provisioning with pay as you go pricing
  • Easy-to-read monthly reporting and billing of consumption

  • Secure, in-country storage location
  • Manageable costs and no huge increase in expenditure
  • The expertise of skilled storage administrators